10 — 11 May 2023

The annual trade fair sees Swiss and international practicefirms meet. Organized by Helvartis, the event is allowing them to make direct transactions, enrich their network of contacts and add a significant experience to their professional record.



The fair trade lasts for two days. An acces to the plattform expo-ip to set up your virtual booth will be sent to you after your registration. You will also receive the access to the base communication software, OKOMO. Your booth has to be completely set up by Friday 5th May 2023, à17:00


The key strengths of the trade faire are furthermore... the trade! This means: doing business and making deals. To do so, a good planning with original ideas is necessary. Give the best of yourself!

The planning continues

Please, visit this webpage regularly.

10 May


Official opening

09:00 —16:00

Official opening

11 May

09:00 —16:00

Official opening


Official closure. The booth must be staffed until the official closure.


Registrations for booth

If you are interested in participating in the fair trade as an exhibitor, please read the fair’s rules available in the Information and documents section.

The publication of your PE name on the exhibitors list of our website serves as the confirmation of your booth registration. Please make sure that you've sent a signed copy of the fair's rules to before. In case of a registration error or an unavailable booth, the website will ask you to make an other choice.

To ensure to be within the time limits, we advise you to use the checklist you can find on the Information and documents section.

Registration deadline

Monday 3th April 2023, 16:00

Registration form

The registration forms are exclusively accepted in electronic format. Fax and posts sendings are considered as not valid.

Swiss PE

Beginning of the registration for swiss PEs from the Monday 5th December 2022, 10:00

International PEs

Beginning of the registration for international PEs from the Monday 5th December 2022, 10:00

Terms of payment

30 days after receiving the bill (deadline on Friday 14th April 2023), by bank transfer to the following account:


Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise
BCN U 0240.14.92
Clearing 766
Post account number 20-136-4
IBAN CH19 0076 6000 U024 0149 2
Sté suisse des employés de commerce
Rue Jardinière 69
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Reference: SwissMeet 2023



swissmeet grande table 2jours


10 — 12 May 2023


100 CHF

Practice Enterprise's data


For swiss PE

Total Price


This invitation to the fair trade for Swiss and international practice firms is opened to guests such as politicians, economists and staff of Swiss and international firms or public services. Please create your visitor account on You may then visit our fair trade during the official opening hours.


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